Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I've been on the Top of Austria!

In June one of my best friends got married and they had decided to get hitched in beautiful Austria so what better excuse was there for me and the boyfriend to get away from all the craziness of packing our lives into boxes and get away for a few days and visit this lovely country and be there for their big day?! My friend C is from Germany and her hubby M is Austrian and they had the whole shabang in Klagenfurt, in the south of Austria.
The boyfriend and I flew to Vienna, rented a car and drove to Klagenfurt, a three hour road trip in total.
I'd read about the most scenic route you could drive whilst being there so the next day we drove north towards Salzburg and turned left to get on the road that would take us to Grossglockner and the high alpine road over Austrias highest mountain! An absolutely fantastic day with amazing views and our great rental car definitely helped make the climb to the top (and going down) go very smoothly!
the boyfriend and our rented silverarrow of a car in the background
Thursday was spent exploring Wörthersee lake and we ended up taking a stroll in Velden before meeting up with C and M + family and friends at their hotel for drinks in the evening.
(photo by: Ka Wai Ho)

Friday was the big wedding day and we got a ride to the lovley church of Maria Wörth where they had a traditional catholic wedding ceremony, all in German but I think we got what most of it was about ;) Then afterwards all the guests got a boatride back to Klagenfurt and to the Sunset Bar for the dinner and party. Lovley food and some great fireworks made the perfect ending of the day.
I wish C and M a lifetime of happiness!! 
Saturday we headed back to Vienna and spent the day walking around looking at the city, missed out on the tour at the Spanish Ridingschool (which I'm still kinda bummed about) but had a good day there anyway, especially once we got away from the touristy streets and found Schwedenplatz, then it almost felt like home! haha!
inside the Dom
We had an early morning flight Sunday morning and once we were home we could conclude that Austria is beautiful, but also so very private and there are so many rules! I am so happy to live in a country where I can walk almost anywhere I want and enjoy the greatness of nature without looking thru a fence...
A very common sign i Austria! Beware of parking your car ;)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Growing up

In 1 1/2 months my little plants have grown quite a bit! And we've had to fight the sun and then too much rain but the biggest enemy is the terrorist snails that attack at night and think of my plants as their own little snack buffé :( But just a few more weeks and then they are also moving to Mellbystrand and then lets see if there's terrorists to fight off there as well :P