Friday, 30 May 2014

Swish swoosh!

I must be the worst blogger ever, can't get myself to write more often than once a month it seems :P
Well, May came and have been both hot and cold weather wise so some garden work has been done, and more to come this weekend :) The tomato plants are growing like mad in the little plastic greenhouse, the tulips have all bloomed for the season and the poppies have taken over. I'm waiting for the peonies to bloom now, and for the first strawberry to be eaten 
garden work
Local band Driftwood Company performed at Laholms Teater and the boyfriend and I went together with some friends to see them and very talented Kolonien. It was the first time I heard either of them and I totally fell in love with the Driftwood Company song Longing For Your Homecoming
My English friend Marie (we were penpals when we were younger, probably from when we were 13 or something and lost touch about 12 years ago or so but found eachother again a few years back and I'm so happy to have my sweet friend back) came to stay with us for a few days and since she flew to Copenhagen she also wanted to see the city so I took the train down to show her around but I was probably the worst tourguide ever but at least we got to see some landmarks at least thanx to the very nice canal tour :P
Nyhavn, Copenhagen
sweet Marie
gorgeous tulip
got this gorgeous Japanese bloodgood maple tree for the garden and I hope it will like living here and grow big and beautiful

Thursday, 8 May 2014

concrete tiles and concrete in the making

Last Monday I went to Oskarsström to buy and pick up 50 concrete tiles and loaded them up in my little trusted VW Polo :)
7 in the front seat and the rest in the back
And then I laid them out 
this gorgeous tulip is blooming now 
and the broom is in full bloom
cuddle time
my little concrete angel out by the giant lilac bush
lilac in the rain
and here I am making concrete flower pots to put on the frontdoor steps. Let's see if they turn out like I hope they will ;)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Where did April go?

My Lady's mantle that I brought with me from my old flat is growing again :)
The old carpenterdesk moved out from the garage and became my plating table :)
Our little house in early April, before all the trees started getting leaves.
the ferns are peaking
the plants I had ordered from Horto Green arrived in a big box :)
and my long awaited red dogwood hedge was ready to be planted!!
All done :)
Easter came and I made a cake with inspiration from a baking group on facebook. My goodness, I just wanna bake every day from seeing what everyone else does, haha!
And to celebrate that the boyfriend and I had some days off together I made a smörgåstårta (sandwich layer cake)
I made some concrete stepping stones for the flower beds
a woodpecker came to visit :)
Good Friday was first spent celebrating my sisters birthday and after that we went to Hovs Hallar to have a walk down by the cliffs
the tulips bloomed
and what we think is a cherry tree was pretty
we finally got around to paint the panel the carpenters put up last year when we had the new windows put in
seeds have been sown
In the choir I sing in we have four parts, soprano 1 and 2 and alto 1 and 2, and I sing in alto 2 together with 10 very lovley ladies and every year we try to get together a few times outside of the choir practises to just spend some time together and talk and have fun. Just after easter we visited Inger in Skogaby and had a walk around the surroundings of her house. 
I made a bug hotel and am still looking forward to welcoming  some guests. I've tried to make it bumblebee friendly :)
Some of the hottest days of this year was measured and it was nice to sit outside for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)
The neighbours cherry tree is in full bloom
The ground elder had taken over the ferns as well and I couldn't bare to see it.
So I cleaned it up :P
Apple tree blossom :)
And we finally got around to booking a trip we've talked about for ages now :)