Thursday, 29 August 2013

Monday, 26 August 2013

Moving stuff :part two

Saturday was the big moving day when we officially moved in to live in our house! Thankfully the boyfriend's brother helped us so I could concentrate on what was actually being brought and it all went very smoothly. The cat's were thrown into the bathroom while we carried the furniture out to the trailer and once they were let out again and saw that their furniture was gone I got a very angry kitty face from Embla :P
In the evening we brought the cats with us to the house and they started out by searching thru every room and then scout out the best hiding place to stay in for the next day or so. Yesterday evening they came out and were cuddlier than ever =^o^=
We were supposed to have internet connected last Friday but the gateway didn't wanna work and they sent a new one which we connected today but that one didn't work either :( hopefully a technician will come tomorrow and sort it out.
As well as the electrician to do the last work that's left and I'm gonna continiue to unpack stuff. Busy day tomorrow!
kitchen is almost all done 
you can fit anything into a Polo! 
I'm slowly leaving my hiding place... 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Moving stuff: part one

Today the boyfriend and I rented a trailer and stuffed most of my stuff that's in boxes into it and got it off to the house. Left in the flat are most of the furniture and all my clothes and the cats, but all will be moved next Saturday (exept for the sofa that's moving to my sister's place and some other stuff that will be off to a flea market) and then we officially live in the house :)
This week the bathrooms will be finished and the plumber will come and move all waterpipes into the garage and we'll have the dreamhouse we've worked so hard on all summer. Can't want to live there with my pussgurka <3 
bathroom tiles are done, just some cementing left to be done 
guest toilet was wallpapered by myself and the boyfriend and this tiny room took us four hours to complete :P But then again, we are not the most experienced in wallpapering but the end result is looking really good!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bells for your soul

The bells in Hovs chuch rang for dads soul last Thursday, supposedly this is to help the soul get to heaven. I'm not religious and I left the Swedish church a few years ago for the reason that I don't believe in God, but I do believe in something, I just don't know what that something is... And even though I don't believe in the church rituals it was a nice thing to sit by the burial site and see and hear the bells and know that they were for dad, comforting in some way. And by the site I discovered this 103 year old tombstone, that I never noticed before, with this beautiful inscription on the stone  "the earth hides the ashes, love hides the memory". I know you are with Peter now dad, and that you'll watch over us until we also get there. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Doctors appointment

Meow, Vincent and Embla speaking!
Today started out perfectly nice with sleeping on the sofa, getting awoken by daddy when he was going to work, then sleep some more and wait for mommy to wake so we could terrorise her and meow until we get some caviar! It seemed like a good day when suddenly mommy put us in our travelcages and carried us out to the big blueberry with wheels! This usually doesn't mean something good, getting shaken and driven somewhere and I, Vincent, make it a habit to tell my people I dislike it in a very loudly manner! But thankfully today it was only a short trip to see E-K who we visit each year for some reason. But she is so nice, she tells us how gorgeous we look, how pleasant we are and then sticks something in our necks that mommy says is vaccine and that it's good for us *sigh* Guess we just have to trust her on that. Then back out to the blueberry and go back home so we can get some sleep. This going out stuff is way too exhausting!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Alchemilla mollis on the wall

more recovery wallpaper was put up 
the boyfriend and his brother put up our photowall of a Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla mollis) that I'd taken earlier this summer
and it turned out great!! (but please imagine a wooden floor there instead, it's not laid yet since the carpenters are not done yet in out house and we don't want them to scratch it
the electrician has been busy in the bathroom 
Amazing how they can get it all together in the end with walls and wires and pipes 
then the plumber came and took care of the water pipes 
and floor heating was put in   
and dry walls were put up  
and my sister and I fought off some mildew in the washing room with vinegar (hence the mouth covers) and now things are starting to look brighter in there as well. Just gonna get some white paint on the walls in there and it will be a room fit for drying clothes once more.

After sorrow comes some sunshine

Yesterday the boyfriend and I celebrated one year together. Since it was the day after my dad's passing we kept it very low key with just some work in the house in the day and then out for dinner in the evening at a restaurant here in Båstad called Capri. And my pussgurka also gave me beautiful roses ♥ I feel loved! And I love him to bits! 
Garlicbread for starters 
a Flying Dutchman for my honey 
Chicken/bacon pasta for me 
pink roses beats read ones any day! 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

No more pain

Dad very peacefully went to sleep forever yesterday morning after a 5 year struggle with his brain tumour. Now there is no more pain, just a void and some relief that he is in a better place now. Men jag saknar dig pappa... 

Friday, 2 August 2013

Fecking close to xmas!

Noone could be happier than me than when our new fridge arrived yesterday! It was almost like xmas ;) We "re hanged" the door to be opened to the right instead, pushed it into place and violá- a perfect match! Now we just need to get the dishwasher delivered and eventually get a new washing machine as well and then I am one happy camper :)