Monday, 28 October 2013

Autumn days...

I think it's some kind of tradition to plant a tree when you move to a house, something in the way of that it'll grow with you as you live in the house or something like that :P Anyways, we wanted to get a tree of our own and talked about some kind of fruit tree but settled on a magnolia and found one that had been left over at the gardencenter so it was half price. I hope this tree will like living with us and grow to be big and beautiful!
This is Pumpkin and he's living with my sister, but after meeting him I really wanted to put him in my bag and bring him home with me ;) It's just that Vincent would probably kill me if I brought home another cat (he's such a mama's boy) so I guess I'll settle for visiting Pumpkin and his friends Ebba and Hasse from time to time.
front door (which is by the back of the house) with a maple leaf wreath I made
Vincent might be thinking: how the heck did she get on the other side of this glass thingy?
when we renovated the bathroom we made it bigger and moved two walls and this is the wall that is in the hallway out to the garage. We've had stuff here that wasn't really supposed to be there and once I moved them I figured I'd might as well get started on fixing it with filler so we can paint it eventually. We also removed the extra wall they put up by the water heater when it was in the hallway and the wallpaper went down with the wall so now were back to scraping and putting up filler there as well. It's just not a huge priority right now, we'll get it done all in good time :)
Embla, close up
a blue tit on the tallow ball
we're a popular hangout these days. Can you see all the birdies on the ground as well?
A squirrel also visits from time to time :)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ullared trip and beachlife, it was a busy weekend!

The boyfriend and I drove to Ullared on Friday afternoon after he finished work to go shopping at Gekås. We thought since it was Friday afternoon there would not be that many people there, but boy were we wrong :P But at least we got almost all the stuff we were after + some xmas gifts and other nick nacks we came across.
On Saturday my sister and her kids came for a visit since they had not seen the house since this summer when it was all just a building site. My sis showed me this funny grocery list that Agnes had written :) In all fairness, it was Saturday and that is officially "candy day" but 2 kg's might be abit too much, even for my niece. 
The boyfriend and nephew played some videogames :) 
We stopped for pizza since we just happened  to pass the pizza place, what a coincidence ;)
An evening walk in the setting sun (with my stupid camera being an arse with these stupid lines :P) 
sunglasses in mid October - we like! 
 the boyfriend walking to the beach
sunset in Mellbystrand 
 king of the hill
autumn leaves 
strike a pose 
the cats climbing pole broke (the top fell off for good this time) and this is one sad kitty cat. But imagine the joy when I got them a new one in Ullared!! 
they can't believe their eyes! ;)
and now my precious is also living with us :) All is going well now!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Finishing touches

I got the idea of putting up mosaique by the washroom zink in case the water would splash up onto the wall, and I probably didn't do it by the book but I think it at least looks good enough :)
All done! 
One more round off to the recycling station... *sigh* it never ends 
I'm so fluffy! 
my couch
had a fun (ironic!!) afternoon cleaning out the garage and sorting and putting up shelves 
finally some order, what a relief! 
the sunflower seeds I planted earlier this year is blooming now :)