Friday, 21 March 2014

a pile of dirt and new heating in the house

4 tons of dirt was delivered to our house :)
the pallet rims were filled + the damaged parts to our lawn were repaired
Our house was heated by electricity and though it's effective it's not very economic so we searched and seached for a air heat pump that would fit above our front door where there was a very narrow space. We found a Fujitsu Lecan for a resonable price and had it installed. Not seen much of a change on the electricity bill yet but it will most likley pay itself off in just a few years :)
Not the nicest plastic rail to have on the wall but we've learnt to live with it :P
while the pump was being installed the cats were locked in the office room and they were not pleased ;)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Birthday girl

My beautiful kitty cat Embla turns 7 years old today! Feels like yesterday I went to see her and bring her home to me and Vincent. She's a cuddle monster and sounds like a speedboat when she purrs :) Happy birthday hunny!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Painting plans and tomato plants

Tomorrow our 40 year old water heater will be long gone and we'll have a new one that hopefully will last just as long (we're getting the same brand) and also lower our electricity bill! The isolation in this old one is probably not the best and a new one will also be so much more efficient.
A friend of mine told me about this amazing paint called Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan and after some head scratching to decide what colours to order I got Old White, Graphite and Provence + clear wax to apply after the paint has dried which is supposed to happen super quickly. I haven't had the time to try it out yet but hopefully very very soon! I got so many ideas :)
I'very planted five different kinds of tomato seeds and four of them have grown quite a bit in the past few days. Let's see where this will end :P
Vincent lyeing on my belly
I found these two benches on a flea market page on facebook and after much anxciety and abit poorer I could call them mine! I just haven't paid for them yet or picked them up but on Saturday they are moving to our yard! They will be painted with some Chalk Paint and maybe some black glazing paint, I'll know when i see them for real :)
I've printed out some of my instagram images and framed them in these special frames you use for old LP records. Turned out quite nice I think :)

Friday, 7 March 2014

Fighting the Aegopodium agrarian kills my back

A the back of our house is a little hill where there was two huge red currant bushes, a gooseberry bush, countless raspberry bushes and tons and tons of ground-elder which is doing its best at driving me crazy right now :(
Unfortunately I never took a before pic before we cut everything down last year but let's just say that it looked like a  jungle and the whole spot had been used as a garbage dump probably for the past 40 years. I've found so many plastic bits and plastic bags I've stopped counting by now, there's been cigarette buts, old bottle caps, lego bits, a glass bowl, metal peices, flower pots and it goes on and on. I think they also had an attempt at a compost there once coz there was a net nailed to some rotting tree poles that we removed after some swearing coz the net was stuck so far underground that we had to cut it off.
The big berry bushes have most likely never been cut and I went over them pretty hard so we'll see if they can find some strength to grow again, and I've replanted half of the raspberry bushes and it'll be fun to see if they can go big and strong now that they have more space. I've also planted my old blueberry bushes that I had at my flat, some wild strawberries and a bunch of strawberry plants that they had on sale last year at Blomsterlandet at 5kr/plant :) There's also rhubarb and I'm gonna try and grow some big pumpkins there as well,  after I'm done with the ground-elder cleaning :P
tiny plant on it's way up
ground-elder roots
gigantic root going out to the lawn and it ripped open the grass when I pulled it (and many others)
it just keeps going :(
such a nasty weed 

and here's what the gooseberry bush looked like last year, before the slashing :P
please grow back!