Friday, 26 July 2013


In a few weeks time we'll have a bathroom and will be able to actuallystart living in our house. Right now we have to go to the local supermarket when nature calls and I can't wait to be able to use our new lovley rooms! 
I can totally imagine what it'll look like in my head, I just hope the end result is so much better than that anyways :P
Today we did the "bed side" of the bedroom and tomorrow we'll hopefully wrapp it all up in there with painting the closet doors and putting the radiator back up. Then the plan is to move lots of stuff in there so we can get started with the other rooms.  
 One more coat of paint will be added here and then the boyfriend will put in a new floor on Sunday :) Painting and wallpapering is fun coz you see the result! More to come soon... 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A day in Hamlet town

We spent the day in Helsingør, Denmark, today visiting Hamlet's castle Kronborg and then taking a stroll down the tiny shoppingstreet in town. All in all it was a great day but very very hot! This heatwave is really holding it's grip on this summer and I don't want to complain BUT I wouldn't mind some rain now and cooler temperatures, anything above 23° is too much for me :P
Tomorrow it's back to work in the house again and we're gonna finish the bedroom within the next few days! Exciting!!
on our way to Helsingør with the ferry
Walking to the castle 
Kronborg castle 

flag of Skåne inside the castle church :) 
Holger Danske is asleep and waiting below the castle
the castle "cellar" was damp and scary, don't go in there without a flashlight! 

To be or not to be... 
Shakespeare wrote Hamlet 
the castle ballroom
icecream is a must in the heat! 
going home... 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What's been going on lately?

We went to Landskrona and bought this great used pull-out sofa I found online. It weighed a ton but we got it from the trailer to inside the house with some willpower!
The boboyfriend went for his first swim in the ocan for the year (that's him on the bridge!) 
pretty rosehip flower on the beach 
And bbq for dinner *yummy*
A beginning of a wall is up between the bathroom and guest toilet! Yay!! 
Went to celebrate my nephews birthday and met some new family members, Leah (on the photo) and her brother Leo *meow*
bedroom celiling is painted white 
and walls are now painted basil green
and I've finally begun painting the horrible wood splines in the kitched- to be continiued!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Progress: new windows and walls

All windows are exchanged and with new frames and it's soo nice to have new ones everywhere, exept for the coloured windows in the livingroom and they will be painted next year.
And today we put up a "recovery wallpaper" in the bedroom (that will also go up in the extra bedroom + the room we call tv-room. But that'll be on Monday, tomorrow we'll take it easy and just do minor things in the house, then go and pick up this pull out sofa I saw on and pay Ikea a visit :)
old                                             new 
our bedroom right before we put up the recovery wallpaper 
the boyfriend being a sweetheart ♥ 
halfway there... 
all done for today! Now we just have to paint the walls and get the photowallpaper we want and get that up as well ;) 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wallpaper madness!

The last couple of days have been spent tearing down old wallpaper in two of the rooms in our house. It's a dead boring job and so frustrating when all you can tear off are small pieces and the rest is just stuck like concrete to the wall *sigh* We read on a forum just now that one can use wallpaper glue to get it off so we're definitely gonna try that tomorrow and fingers crossed that it'll be a success :)
the previous owner didn't belive in the good of putting up tape before painting the walls. I am not surprised, most things are done in a so-so way when it come to her renovations
layers of wallpaper that are close to impoosible to get off :(
the boyfriend doing his very best at fighting the wallpaper 
We've also found time to go get this buildingblocks the other day so we could build these flowerbeds for my plants. Thankfully the boyfriend goes along with most of my crazy ideas and these turned out exactly as I had imagined in my head! Just too bad that I suck at math and we didn't get enough for the last flowerbed that was gonna be by the other side of the house... Typically me :P But it's a nice excuse so we can go get more stuff! haha!
 and now my lovley poppies can bloom in their new home!

Monday, 15 July 2013

We're throwing the previous owner out of the house for good!

Yesterday was "getting rid of rubbish" day and we went back and forth between the house and the recycling centre four times (until closing time) with rubbish and old bathroom interior and closets that the previous owner had left behind. We got to borrow a trailer from the builders doing our bathroom since they're all on holiday now and are not using it and we're in dire need of one these Days it was perfect timing! We filled it again after the last round and will be going to throw the junk away first thing tomorrow, then go to Halmstad to order the tiles for our bathroom and then back to the house and get started on tearing down wallpaper and what else that needs to be done. But now we're really starting "project renovations"! Yay!
great trailer that we got to borrow :) 
all the rubbish from the bathroom that we threw outside the house is now gone gone gone!! 
we're not the only ones throwing stuff away... 
bye bye old disgusting bathroom! 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Progress: we got a floor!

They've filled the big sand pit in our house that once was a bathroom and now it's actually starting to look like a floor again. In a few weeks someone will come and put up the walls and hopefully we'll get some electricity in there as well soon. Now the boyfriend and I will be busy with all the other rooms and hopefully we'll be efficient and all will be done once it's time to move in *fingers crossed*
I am quite fascinated about how they're gonna get it all together in the end :P 
lots of pipes but no water...  
walls are cracking coz of the tretex material we found underneath the wallpaper. Now we're gonna put really thick "recovery wallpaper" over it and hope for the best! 
and in Båstad the poppies I've nursed since a tiny the were seeds are blooming :)

We're working on a pipeline (as Depeche Mode once sang)

The plumber was busy yesterday in our house! Old pipes out, new ones in and I have no clue about how they're gonna get it all together in the end but I can't wait to see the result :)
ancient pipes it seems 
old pipes 
the plumber had to dig to get things done! 
future guest toilet