Friday, 27 February 2015

Goodbyes and new acquaintances

The past few days have been lots of ups and downs... On Wednesday we said goodbye to my granddad Sune (my farfar) and he was the last of my grandparents that passed. Feels really weird that my mum now is the oldest generation coz that must mean that I'm getting older as well... Anyway, it was a nice funeral service at Hovs church and he got some really beautiful flowers. I had made the wreath that was from us, ie mum, my sister and I and my sisters kids and it's these gorgeous Avalanche roses with purple limonium and ivy.
I inherited granddad's chairs and yesterday they got a little makeover from blue stripes to green abstract :) Finally got rid of the boyfriends old chairs that fell apart when you sat on them and these chairs are just so much better!
And then I went off to Shoe Me Gold in Höganäs to get these adorable blue Brako boots! I was so set on the black ones without lace but they didn't fit my ancles so I had to give up on them :( the shop girl asked if I didn't wanna try the blue ones on instead and I sort of fell in love :D Really comfy and just so pretty!
And today I met up with an old friend from school. We've been friends since we were 8 years old or so but some years ago she moved to Malmö to study and sort of got stuck there, now with boyfriend, baby and house :) we hadn't seen each other for about 4 years so we figured it was time. Always fun to meet old friends.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Winter crop

This year I'm trying something new that I read about on this blog (in Swedish)
which of coz isn't a new thing at all, but new for me :) will be very interesting to see if anything will happen, but I really hope things will grow! I have probably put the seeds much too close to each other but one learns from ones mistakes I hope. But I'm sure it will grow a little bit at least.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The garden thru the year... February

On a sunny day in February :) but we did have some snow for a few days, and it's still very cold and windy :(