Monday, 30 September 2013

Me want...

Me really really want the new Samsung Note 3! And especially the pink one ;) It's just a little too expensive for me right now, but hopefully it'll be mine very soon. I actually love my Galaxy Sll but the camera is acting wierd when I take pictures outside and have been doing so all summer. I'm guessing it's got something to do with how the light breaks in the lens and I usually get these lines across the images and it's so freaking annoying since I photograph all the time. It's just no fun or no use when the photos look like crap :(

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wake me up when September ends...

September went by so fast...
Two big spirea bushes had been growing like mad outside the garage and I wanted that space for flowers instead so I cut off all the branshes and dug up/cut the roots and got the suckers out of the ground. Many swearwords were spoken during this process ;)
All flowers I had by my flat were dug up by me and my sister and moved to the house + some are the seedlings I planted earlier this year :)
A "bärfis" (directly translated: a "berryfart" :) hihi!) climbing on the foxtails/amaranthus
Daisies blooming in September, I wonder if they will bloom again in the spring?
Vincent is doing his best with helping out around the house :)
I saw this fire screen at a flea market in Båstad earlier this spring but didn't buy it then coz we thought the previous owner of the house would leave the one she had, but of coz she didn't. And since it's getting colder each day and we might be in the mood of a fire soonish we went back to the flea market in the hope that it would still be there and yes, there it was waiting for us!  
Vincent in his basket in front of the fireplace
Embla relaxing under the sofa table
This tree is growing by the back of our house, by the front door (yeah I know, it's all upside down when it comes to what's logic about our house :P) and I've been scratching my head about what kind of tree it is since it got thorns and is keen on shooting roots like nothing I've ever seen, but I think I've figured out that it's a Aralia erata which in Sweden is known as a "parkaralia" (must be common in parks or something I guess). An asian bush that is apparently quite common and can get huge if you don't keep it neat. Let's see if I can make it look good once all dead branches and roots are gone.
I also cut down these huge rosebusches that were by the garage (and dug up one other rosebush just leaving this one) and didn't think it would make it but it's decided to live and started to grow again. Let's see what happens with it next year!
The chocolateflower (Cosmos atrosanguineus) I bought can't stop blooming! Why is it called chocolateflower? Coz they smell like chocolate :)
New bushes have been planted around the house and I'm keeping all fingers crossed that they'll love their new home and grow big and strong.
Top left: Winged Spindle
Bottom left: Black elderberry
Bottom right: Lilac

The family and some of mum and dads friends got together in this boathouse in Ingelstorp for a very informal funeral for my dad. He didn't want the whole church thing so we just gathered, had some food, talked and we all lit a candle for dad and enjoyed the views of where he used to go to hunt and talk to his fisherman's friends. It was a good way to say goodbye to dad before he's buried in the cemetary in Hov.
I was in charge of the flowers...
boathouses in Ingelstorp

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Moving stuff: part three

Two weeks after our move to our house I finally found the time to go get my plants and bushes I had by my flat. I got almost all of them into the ground by the house at once but some do not have a new home yet, I still have some roots to dig up and by Wednesday I hope to have them all in the ground. Fingers crossed!

Saturday, 7 September 2013


We got a plum tree on our grounds and they taste absolutely lovley right now :) just trying to figure out what I can bake so that we don't waste them all.
We spent all day today cleaning up the last(?) stuff that we and the carpenters have thrown on the lawn and got it off to the recycling station and then back to reload the trailer with twigs that I've cut and roots that I've dug up. I also cut down the huge wine that was growing next to the house and now I need to figure out how to get the roots out of the ground without breaking my back :/
Going to get my flowers from the garden by my old flat on Monday and then hopefully get them all into the ground very soonish.
And tonight we had our first bbq at the house, a pork filé with potatoes, carrots and salad, so very yummie!!
I'm counting 6 new mosquito bites today and it's like I'm a human snack buffé, I fecking hate bugs...