Saturday, 18 January 2014

New year, new hopes and dreams

2014 started with a bang, as always :P We tried to get some chinese lanters to rise but was without luck, it was too windy that night.
Me and Vincent cuddled abit
Embla want to get cuddled and gives me sour face until I give in :P
My friend Therese came to stay for a few days and we took a long walk on the beach here in Mellbystrand which resulted in some nice snapshots
One of the most succesful handball teams of all time was the Swedish players who played together in the 90's-00's and they were coached by a man called Bengt "Bengan" Johansson who is from Halmstad, so last weekend he put together some of his old players to play against a team with some of the best players from around the world and we went to see "Bengan Boys vs. TV4 World Team". It was all in good fun and an honour to see some of these great players play once more :)
Then the snow came after all...
and this huge blackbird is enjoying the food we've put out for the birdies
Vincent enjoying the pull-out bed/sofa Therese slept in
before the snow came it had been raining for weeks and weeks and the ground where we park our cars was quite muddy and I was just waiting for either one of us to get stuck, the boyfriend drew the shortest straw
and the wall was given no mercy :P
we had a visit from a very cute little theif who wanted some sunflower seeds
and this shot was taked just a few days before the snow came... you'd think it was April and not January!
And on January 2nd they opened a gym here in Mellbystrand in a building which is about 150 m from our house, so the boyfriend and I felt like we had no more excuses- time to start excersising and so far we've been there about three times a week :) I've never been a fan of gyms before but I can feel the change already and that it's doing me good and I hope to continiue to feel that way :)