Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pumpkin with a twist

Merengues, from this recipie
this pumpkin plant started out quite innocent, but now it's growing very fast
and one month later it's taken a turn and I think it'll probably just keep going! Pretty curious to see where this will end, and will the flowers really turn into pumpkins? :P
the ground-elder is growing thick in the elephant grass and I just got so fed up with seeing it so I just pulled it all away and it looks much more welcoming. Just sorry that the roots are still in the ground but that will be next springs project to get rid of them!
the amaranths has self-sewn themselves and I'm so happy to see them again!
one of the cayenne purple plants has finally got a flower! 
the boyfriend and I went for a mushroom hunt last weekend but despite a big forrest we didn't find much else than moss 
and a ant house
a little creek
and three mushrooms! yay...
beautiful feather poppy
a visit to Horsabäcks Perenner resulted in this bigleafed hosta plant and some other goodies that found homes around the garden.
another gorgeous sunset in Mellbystrand
A visit to Inspirosa garden in Ysby resulted in me wanting to get lots of old bedends and armature for our garden and just go wild and crazy with it.
and to do these concrete paths in different styles
the purple poppy bloomed again this year :)