Sunday, 24 November 2013

A weekend in the capital

Last weekend was spent in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, visiting the boyfriends aunt and uncle, and with us came the boyfriends mum. We drove up and even though I really like my mother in law she has a habit of talking constantly and in the end it can get a bit too much for my head :P Especially when it's a five hour drive.
Anyways, we had a nice time overall with some nice talks, good laughs and a great afternoon in the part of Stockholm that's called Gamla Stan (old town) where we went to a museum called Livrustkammaren. In English it would be something like "the Armoury" where they display old clothes and weapons and armour that the old kings of Sweden has worn and used. All very fascinating and interesting and I could've walked around in there for hours. Then off to the annual Xmas fair at the square in Gamla Stan and a visit to the SciFi bookshop.
We went back home on Sunday and was greeted by two happy cats that were in the mood to cuddle after a weekend home alone.
the Royal Castle
Streiff, the skin from the horse that king Gustav II Adolf rode into battle at Lützen on Nov 6 1632. A quite macabre thing to see in the museum but cool at the same time since the horse was a hero in the war and got celebrated for that.
armour for horse and rider
beautifully decorated armour
lots of incredible dresses are on display
piece of clothing that Swedens queen Kristina wore when she was a child and was actually the ruling queen at age 6 when her father Gustav II Adolf died at Lützen.
houses in Gamla Stan
the National Arena of Sweden, Friends Arena, in Solna where the aunt and uncle lives.